McDonald’s McRib Sandwich

McDonald’s Announces the Return of the McRib Sandwich After a Short Farewell Tour

McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, is once again set to tantalize taste buds with the revival of its beloved McRib sandwich, just one year after bidding it a temporary farewell. According to the company, this iconic menu item is poised to make its grand return next month. While the McRib won’t grace every McDonald’s restaurant across […]

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Arm's Bold Initiative Accelerating Server Processor Development Project Revealed

Arm’s Bold Initiative: Accelerating Server Processor Development Project Revealed

Arm Holdings has introduced a groundbreaking program, known as Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS), which is set to streamline and expedite the integration of Arm Neoverse-based technology into innovative computing solutions. This innovative program was officially unveiled at the prestigious Hot Chips 2023 technical conference held at Stanford University.   Neoverse represents Arm’s cutting-edge server-side […]

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Elon Musk reinstates Twitter accounts of suspended journalists

Musk adheres to the Twitter poll result that favored restoring the accounts of reporters he accused of “doxxing” him on a wild day of bans, abrupt reversals, and jumbled messaging. In the midst of yet another chaotic 24 hours on the social media platform, Elon Musk has reinstated the Twitter accounts of journalists who were […]

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White House Begins Plan to Refill US Emergency Oil Reserves

Beginning with a crude purchase of 3 million barrels, the Biden administration is carrying out a plan to replenish the nation’s emergency oil reserves. Following a historic 180 million barrel release of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to control high gasoline prices amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other supply issues, the purchase […]

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Elon Musk’s team seeks new investors for Twitter – Semafor

According to two people who are familiar with the fundraising effort, news platform Semafor reported on Friday that the managing director of Elon Musk’s family office is looking for new equity investors for Twitter. According to the report, Musk’s money manager, Jared Birchall, contacted potential investors this week and offered shares of Twitter for the […]

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Elon Musk’s Twitter blocked links to rival Mastodon, that could raise alarms among regulators

On Thursday, Elon Musk’s Twitter account suspended a number of journalists from major news organizations who covered him. This sparked outrage across the globe. However, according to some legal experts, a different and possibly related move that Twitter made at the same time against a rival that was growing quickly could expose the company to […]

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Amazon plans to lay off about 10,000+ employees starting this week which is Amazon’s biggest layoffs

Amazon is wanting to lay off roughly 10,000 workers in corporate and innovation jobs starting this week, as per a report from The New York Times. Independently, The Money Road Diary likewise referred to a source saying the organization intends to lay off a huge number of workers. Amazon apparently plans to lay off 10,000 corporate […]

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Tesla reveals Optimus, a walking humanoid robot available to buy in 2027 and could cost $20K

Tesla Chief Elon Musk on Friday uncovered the organization’s Tesla Bot and Tesla reveals Optimus, a robot code-named Optimus that rearranged across a phase, waved, and siphoned its arms in a low-speed dance move. The robot could cost $20,000 inside three to five years, Musk said. Two prototype Tesla Bots could walk, wave their arms […]

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Lionsgate business studio Starz getting revamped – Lionsgate is spinning off its studio business rather than Starz

When it comes to Lionsgate businesses, the Lionsgate business studio Starz is going to get revamped. Why so? This means, Lionsgate is favoring veering off its studio division instead of its Starz link and streaming unit, as indicated by individuals acquainted with the matter. Lionsgate Affirms On Way To Isolate Studio, Starz Regardless of Unpredictable […]

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Biogens Alzheimers drug shows guarantee in early consequences of study

Biogens Alzheimer’s drug shows more promising results. Shares of Biogen and other drugmakers investigating Alzheimer’s sickness took off early Wednesday after Japan’s Eisai Co. said its potential treatment seemed to slow the deadly sickness in a late-stage study. The Biogen Inc., base camp is shown Walk 11, 2020, in Cambridge, Mass. Portions of Biogen and other […]

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