Intuitive Machines To Go Public Via SPAC At Close to $1 Billion Valuation – NASA’s Most Awarded Lunar Tech Company

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Intuitive Machines to go public which is the most NASA-awarded commercial lunar program and has a title of lunar tech company. Lunar-centered area business enterprise Intuitive Machines introduced Friday it’s going to cross public through a SPAC in a deal that values the challenge at about $1 billion.


Intuitive Machines is an end-to-end space exploration company delivering lunar access, lunar data services, extreme lunar mobility, and more. Intuitive Machines is completing its lunar program which will provide lunar surface access, lunar orbit delivery, and communications at lunar distance.

Key Highlights:

l Lunar-centered area employer Intuitive Machines introduced            Friday that it’ll go public through a SPAC in a deal that values the      venture at about $1 billion.

l The merger with unique motive acquisition company Inflection          Point is anticipated to shut withinside the first quarter, with              Intuitive Machines to be indexed at the Nasdaq under ticker              symbol “LUNR.”

l Intuitive Machines, the contemporary space company to head          public via a SPAC, comes after a pause for a good deal of this          year after a flurry of offers in 2020 and 2021.

The merger with unique motive acquisition business enterprise Inflection Point is anticipated to shut in the first zone. Intuitive Machines can be indexed at the Nasdaq under ticker symbol “LUNR.”

“As the US plans its go back to the Moon after a 50-year absence, Intuitive Machines is happy to play a crucial position in presenting technology and offerings to set up long-time period lunar infrastructure and commerce,” Intuitive Machines co-founder and Executive Chairman Kam Ghaffarian stated in a statement.

The deal goals to feature as a lot as $338 million in coins to Intuitive Machines stability sheet, despite the fact that this is depending on shareholder redemptions.

Intuitive Machines is the today’s area business enterprise to move public via a SPAC. The statement comes after a pause for a lot of this year after a flurry of area inventory debuts in 2020 and 2021. Many of these currently public shares have taken a beating, with numerous down 50% or extra this year, as traders start to view the once-warm SPAC frenzy as too risky.

Founded in 2013, Houston-primarily based totally Intuitive Machines has round one hundred forty employees.

This 12 months, the business enterprise expects to deliver in $102 million in revenue. It’s forecasting that range to growth to about $291 million in 2023. Intuitive had constructed a settlement backlog worth $188 million as of June and tasks it turns into worthwhile in  to a few years.

The business enterprise has 4 enterprise units: Lunar Access Services, Lunar Data Services, Orbital Services, and Space Products and Infrastructure. Together, Intuitive Machines is operating on lots of technology that consist of propulsion and lunar vehicles.

The business enterprise estimates its overall addressable marketplace is about $a hundred and twenty billion via 2030, with the sizable majority of that coming via lunar offerings.

One most important line of Intuitive’s enterprise is 3 NASA contracts received under the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program, worth $233 million combined.

The first mission, called IM-1, is slated for the primary zone of 2023 and could supply a aggregate of technology and generation payloads to the moon’s floor with the business enterprise’s Nova-C lunar lander. Intuitive plans annual shipment flights to the moon through contracts with SpaceX to release with Falcon nine rockets.

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